Next Show: April in Venice

I will be showing never been release canvas prints and new artwork. Get tickets now!

VAC celebrates its fundraiser event, Music Connects Us: Photography & Art Show. Thursday April 20, 2017 at the Runway at Playa Vista, 12746 W. Jefferson Blvd, Playa Vista, 90066, 6-10PM. VIP tickets include a sit down dinner at the new Hal's Bar & Grill.

The Venice Art Crawl continues its intersection of art and community at the Runway turning a 5,000 square foot space into a cool urban installation art happening. Photographs featuring artists of rock and roll, hip hop and jazz will be displayed throughout the building. Walk through colorful stimulating environments promoting DJs, pop up musicians, light shows, mini performances, installations, live art, fashion statements and other fresh experiences that will electrify all five senses. 

Featured artists include: Guy Webster • Sunny Bak • Risk • Chase • Lisa Rieder • Kii Arens • Jules Muck • Lindsey Nobel • Made of Hagop • Shark Toof • Unfukyourself • Narrator • Jennifer Korsen • Destin Clover • Hofmann • Thrashbird • Homoriot • Jason Humphrey • Le Fou • Priscilla Witte • Meryl Lebowitz • Shplinton • Rachel Burt • Amandalynn • Tunie Betesh • Shoko Yanagisawa Plastic Jesus • Annie Terrazo • Daniel Dugan • Big Teeff• Ugo Nonis • Ricky Powell • Carinthia West • John Graham Bell • Bisco Smith • Gino Perez

Numerous DJ’s including: Arabian Prince -original member of NWA


What can I do?

I have been struggling as of late as to how I can help the causes I believe in - as many of them are being threatened at the moment. What I can offer is small, but it is something -  and something is usually better than nothing. 


Feminist Variations

Hope you can come see  my latest offerings of art this Saturday night in Los Angeles @ The Loft at Liz's. Super bummed I cannot be here in person, but my work speaks for itself!  Here is a sampling of the art featured in the show, along with 5 other very talented LA based artists!

Facebook Event Info HERE -


Dalkey Dalkey Goose

I have been setting up a studio in Ireland (Dalkey to be specific) for the last few weeks - kind of just exploring, hiking, and eating lots of pies. Meaty pies, sweet pies - so many pies.... So many new little bits to share as well with you, but all in good time. Here is a snippet of things to come...